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Corporate Affairs

Practical experience with high Kangda law in the field of criminal defense lawyer for many years, Kangda has handled many has the significant social impact in criminal cases, criminal law in the process of China set a wonderful case a large number of successful defense. Our team has graduated from China's top law schools and the country's legal elite. Now Kangda has a profound legal theory and judicial practice of experienced professional criminal defense team. We are committed to providing a high level, high efficiency, high quality criminal defense legal service for every client....

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Intellectual Property

The Kangda Company legal team is one of the most famous in the country. It has much experience in mergers and acquisitions, liquidation, investment and financing, private equity, corporate governance and related affairs. The Kangda clientbase includes many large state-owned and foreign enterprises, who were all satisfied with our work....

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Litigation And Arbitration

One of the China lawyer Kangda as the first into the banking and financial sectors, provide extensive and in-depth banking and finance related legal services for many customers at home and abroad, has accumulated rich professional experience, establish a good reputation. Kangda customers include banks and other financial institutions, corporate borrowers and security providers. China and internationally influential banks and financial institutions, multinational companies and local enterprises to provide financing legal services....

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Government Counsel And Administrative Litigation

Kangda gathered a group of outstanding professionals, the main participants have real estate related areas (including government departments, real estate developers, construction companies, financial institutions, real estate private equity fund, the project owner occupied, domestic and foreign investors etc.) experience with various types of legal services. To provide the real estate industry of the whole process of legal services for all types of customers, including project financing, land investment, real estate development, real estate transactions, property, operation and management of listed real estate companies and real estate asset securitization. Relying on its rich experience in the whole process of Kangda legal services, to a deep understanding of the client's business needs, for customers in the investment at the beginning of the project, the structure design of complete and effective, in order to achieve customers' business purpose, and as far as possible to avoid legal risks...

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Banking And Financing Business

The complexity of the case dispute resolution is an important business of the anaconda. Kangda lawyer team composed of outstanding, professional and experienced in the legal field elite, agents at home and abroad customers for major and difficult, the complexity involved in the case to provide integrated solutions. Not only relates to litigation, arbitration, litigation and other services, is also used to solve multi mechanism in civil, criminal and administrative disputes and other areas, comprehensive use of legal knowledge, in order to obtain high quality solutions, helping the parties to obtain the most satisfactory results....

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Classic Cases

Kangda provides you with high-quality professional legal services.