Construction of Kangda Culture

Kangda received invitation from the second Chaoyang Lawyers Forum of the Chaoyang District to talk about the cultural construction of Kangda. As I only joined Kangda three years ago and during this short and shallow time, I have been deeply infiltrated in the Kangda culture. But I still want to integrate the comments of some of the veteran Attorneys with my words to unfold the cultural construction at Kangda.

Kangda will celebrate its 30th anniversary in August 2018, as a law firm established at the beginning of the restoration of the lawyers’ system, Kangda can be described as one of the longest existing law firms. Kangda's development can be traced back to the concept the earliest founders of the law firm. Kangda has grown steadily over the past three decades, thanks to the same aspirations of the core leadership team, the recognition and commitment of the older generation of attorneys to the core leadership team, and transforming, helping, supervising of these old attorneys so that young attorneys could develop faith and receive business heritage. Here I want to sum up with Attorney Zhao Xiaolu’s words: "the essence of the culture of a law firm is the culture of the partners, especially the core partners. The core team of a law firm determines the direction, content and level of development of the firm's culture".

I can use four key phrases to describe the culture at Kangda. The first one, the red gene; the second one, advocating the law; the third one, the family atmosphere; the fourth one, keeping up with the times. Let me elaborate below:

1.      Red Gene

Kangda was established in 1988, at the beginning of the restoration of the lawyer system, in the light of the urgent and profound understanding of China’s legal system of Fu Yang, the director of the NPC Law Committee, and his unique understanding of the importance and far - reaching significance of the restoration of the lawyers’ system. In his inspiration, a group of legal practitioners with the same dream joined the founders’ team of Kangda. They are a group of upright, enthusiastic, motivated young people coming from public security, prosecutorial and legal systems. Their philosophy of establishing Kangda was to contribute to the construction of the legal system in China, and share the mission of the times to develop the lawyers’ system, so the founding philosophy of Kangda is full of enthusiasm and positive energy, which is reflected in the red spot on its logo, which is called the Kangda Red.

In the next decades, during its development Kangda actively participated in the construction of the country's legal system, attached great importance to the political beliefs, and the party’s spirit, which is inseparable with its original founding philosophy.


2.      Advocating the Law

When I asked Director Fu Yang about the Kangda’s motto, he quickly and firmly told me that “the first is to advocate the law, which are not three ordinary words. They contains all the legal person's lifelong pursuit. We as attorneys, as we enter the legal world, begin to wonder what the law is, what the essence of law is, why I should study law and what the goal of the legal practitioners is. "Advocating the law" gives us a clear answer. We as attorneys should comply with the law ourselves first, and meanwhile we need to apply and maintain the law. We need to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the clients, uphold the justice of the law, and insist that all persons are equal before the law.” Under the guidance of "Advocating the Law" philosophy, Kangda established the Pengzhen Foundation, joined the Legislative Society of the Commission of Legislative Affairs of the NPC standing committee, and beginning with the study and formulation of laws, reflected the conflicts and problems in legal practices from the bottom up to the legislature to promote the improvement of the quality of legislation.

On this topic, Attorney Zhang Chao one of the founders of Kangda also told me a phenomenon that Kangda's representations and defense submissions are prepared in accordance with the standard of excellence, and they are not common articles. This "excellence" fully reflects Kangda's rigorous and realistic attitude towards legal work, and Kangda's perseverance and determination in legal thinking as well.

3.      The Family Atmosphere

Kangda is like a big family, where partners and attorneys can feel the inclusive and relaxed atmosphere. As Attorney Li Lei, one of the founding partner said, this is like your home, and do not be nervous. In Kangda, we have the traditions of respecting the elderly, and transforming, helping, supervising young attorneys. Senior partners Attorney Fang Xiaomei, Lou Aidong and many others can give you selfless help whenever you need it. Moreover, Kangda has created a platform for attorneys to learn from and support each other, and has a variety of activities that allow attorneys to release the pressure. Director Qiao Jiaping said that Kangda will not easily fire any of the attorneys and gives each attorney enough room for growth with the maximum tolerance.


4.      Keeping Up with the Times

Kangda has been through almost 30 years and Director Fu Yang proposed an ambitious goal of turning Kangda into "the Law Firm of a Hundred Years of History". There is still a long way to go and a lot more to be done. Kangda is facing whole new topics that the attorneys’ community will have to face too: the transition between the old and the new management team; in the context of the fierce competition in the market economy and the reform of the judicial system, how to choose the most suitable management model for Kangda’s sustainable development; Kangda’s professional design; the training of young attorneys, and so on.

Over the past two years, Kangda not only boldly changed their office space, concentrated and expanded the office area, greatly upgraded the office hardware, but also selected the new members of the management team, equipped with the young attorneys, improved the features of our website, and strengthened the large data office and management software. In the 30th anniversary since its establishment, Kangda makes a fresh start and begins its journey towards modernization, specialization and internationalization.


Lian Yan, Unit 10

October 31, 2016