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Kangda Law Firm was established in 1988, is the first large-scale comprehensive law firm. After 20 years of unremitting efforts, Hong Tat has established a perfect service network, in the country set up 11 branches, more than 700 staff, the branches and lawyers in the Kangda headquarters under the overall management and coordination of work , To provide services to customers. Kangda has always been committed to building a professional service team and provide quality due diligence services, and on this basis continue to expand new areas of services, so that Hong Tat always in the forefront of socio-economic and legal development, and strive for the first time To provide quality legal services.

Team spirit and spirit of service is Kangda has followed the "Kangda culture" essence. TANDBERG provides legal services to our clients, backed by an experienced team of lawyers. In order to provide professional legal services to customers, Hong Tat will be based on the customer's own business characteristics and customer specific requirements, to provide specialized legal services. This customer-centric spirit of service, so that Hong Tat to think customers are thinking, anxious customer anxious, and truly provide customers with diversified all-round services.

Talent is the law firm's most valuable asset, Kangda in the development of people-oriented adhere to the talent strategy, and gradually formed by the professional lawyers, management personnel of the talent team to protect the law firm's overall strategic objectives, The majority of lawyers come from famous universities and research institutes, legislatures, judiciaries and government departments, and have professional backgrounds in law, science and engineering, medical, finance, computer and international trade. The law firm has a good theoretical basis, , Attorneys and lawyers with first-class service attitude. The scope of business covers litigation and arbitration legal affairs, bank financing insurance legal affairs, corporate securities mergers and acquisitions legal affairs, foreign investment, intellectual property rights, international trade, maritime affairs, projects and real estate, anti-dumping and countervailing , Labor, environmental protection and other fields. At the same time, Kangda full use of its global coverage of the network service system, through the cooperation between different professional lawyers to meet customers in various legal areas, the world most of the legal needs of countries and regions. At present, Hong Tat has hired a number of domestic and foreign experts and professors as Hong Tat Law Firm counsel, for the development of Hong Tat provide comprehensive intellectual support.

Customer is the source of the development of law firm, Kangda adhere to the customer-centric service concept, and always take the customer's needs as the focus of attention to customer satisfaction as the goal, fully listen to the voice of customers, understand customer needs, Market localization service globalization legal service model, give full play to the advantages of Kangda globalization legal service system, through the cooperation of different professional and different area lawyers, to provide customers with comprehensive legal solutions to create value for customers to help customers get Success, to address customer development in the face of legal issues. Quality services to obtain the trust of customers, Kangda to adapt to the needs of economic globalization, and actively build a global legal service system, adhere to improve and develop the law firm multilingual legal services, the introduction and training of international lawyers, comprehensive Enhance the professional ability of international law business of law firm, and provide global professional legal service for clients through the cooperation of Hong Tat and international law firm.

Kangda own development at the same time did not forget to assume social responsibility, carried out donations, legal aid, community law and many other public welfare activities to repay society. The face of the development of the lawyer industry, the new situation, Kangda gathered all the experts and seek common development good policy.

Tireless pursuit, stands the Kangda more than 20 years of glory, in the efforts of all Kangda, the Hong Tat Lawyers have reaped fruitful results, has won the 2008 National Excellent Law Firm, 2010, 2011 Top ten IPO business law firm, 2011 social public service legal service advanced collective, at the same time Kangda Party branch also won the 2010-2011 Beijing lawyer industry five good party branch and many other honors.

Recalling the past, Hong Tat writing a gorgeous chapter, look to the future, Hong Tat brought together the magnificent blueprint, Kangda hand in hand, side by side, forge ahead.